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Skrippers. Gotta love em. They’re always good to me. I love a ratchet good time in a dope skrip joint now and then with chill, open minded folks. Bringing the party back with me is almost always worth it. 

While in Nawlins last year for work, the band and I hit the French Quarters looking for some shit to get into. After stuffing our faces with amazing southern comfort food, we got some drinks and went looking for trouble. We walked into a few shitholes and ended up staying at one. It was a piece of shit too but it worked for us for the time being. Ignorant big booty bitches and ratchet pussy poppin’ music was all we needed. Two of the girls we were with felt “uncomfortable” and left. They weren’t missed. The rest of us mingled throughout the club enjoying ourselves. Lapdances, body shots, ass slapping, the usual. One of the girls was particularly fond of me and my and my main homie, Lamar. She sat on my lap and said she wanted to chill with us when she got off. I knew what she was getting at and let her know him and I weren’t like that and it wasn’t that type of party. She didn’t care; she still just wanted to chill with me. Gave her my number and told her to hit me when she was done. The rest of us went back to the hotel to turn it down. I chilled in Lamar’s room til the girl showed up…..with a friend. Unfortunately, her friend was fat as fuck and ugly as sin. I was not laying a finger on that bitch. We all talked shit for a little bit, took some shots, and I got touchy feely with the main skripper. She was really really young and wasn’t too experienced but was quite curious and open to whatever. The fat bitch and my homie left out to go I don’t know where. The chick and I 69’d most of the time, she fucked my pussy with a glass dildo I bought earlier that night. When I tried to fuck her with it she kept tensing up wasn’t really enjoying it so I just sat her on my face and ate her petite little pussy until she couldn’t sit still anymore. She had some really really great tits too. She asked me too many fucking questions when we were done. She wanted to spend the night and shit and I wasn’t having it. She blew up my phone for about a week or two after and even asked me to be her girlfriend lol. She got the hint and eventually stopped calling/texting me. It was fun for the night, not for anything more. 

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