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Are you foreskin friendly?

Soooooo. Cut. Uncut. Dicks. I wanna talk about this. Are you cut? Uncut? Wish you were cut? Do you prefer a cut dick? Is an uncut dick a deal breaker? Foreskin troubles? Anyone??

  1. shigity said: My ex was uncut and I always hated it. It wasn’t clean. Didnt smell right. Then when I got with the next he was uncut too. I was a lil hesitant but he was clean. I guess its all upon fact is if they wash their shit…
  2. foreskinrestorationinspiration answered: Not only am I anticircumcision in all instances, but I am restoring my foreskin.
  3. 9etherking answered: I’m a 9” length and 3” width uncut. I haven’t had any complaints
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    Uncut=turnoff. Can’t make love to it as I find it unattractive
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    Cut. Please
  6. makeit-nasty23 answered: I’m cut. been cut my whole life. no complaints here haha. I feel like having that uncut foreskin would be more difficult to keep clean
  7. bryantsupreme answered: cut and proud
  8. modern--things answered: My first boyfriend, whom I had almost all of my first sexual experiences with, was uncut. So it doesn’t matter to me at all!
  9. pankalicious answered: I love the look of a cut dick, but it really doesn’t matter in the long run. As long as you keep yourself clean it’s cool.
  10. tomsgrandson answered: cut, & i enjoy the freedom, and so does she…
  11. baskintheafterglow said: I prefer cut. Uncuts always look so weird to me. Like a baby crowning or something
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  13. legato666 said: Cut
  14. imapervert answered: I’m cut. I kinda wish I was uncut because I hear those are more sensitive sense the head is covered 99% of the time
  15. antiisocialmedia said: I’m cut. Easier to maintain and keep clean
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  17. junkychunkymonkey answered: I thought it was a deal breaker until I got with the dude I”m with now, who has foreskin Nothings really different
  18. thekingisblack answered: the only trouble I had was very early on…ripped my frenelum…quite unpleasant
  19. benevolence-supreme answered: im uncut, i hope that is not a problem…women might not be used to it
  20. lobo47 answered: Mine is cut.
  21. fvckxswag answered: cut.
  22. thighetician answered: I’m cut, it never really been an issue. Can’t really miss what you dont remember having. *shrug*
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